Personalised Lose, Stress, Find Happiness Booklets

Provide your stress related reflexology clients with useful, factual information about stress, positive psychology, emotions and mindfulness. You can now purchase beautiful, professionally printed A5 booklets, personalised with your own practice logo displayed on the front cover. These bright and colourful booklets are printed on 135gsm glossy paper, with a 250gsm laminated cover. Costs are: […]


Intention, Empathy, Connection and Philosophical Thinking in Reflexology

Some years ago the BBC in the UK produced a short documentary series about complementary medicine, where reflexology was featured. The programme makers interviewed a reflexologist and several of her clients. The practitioner had gained a reputation in her local area as “the baby maker”. The clients spoke of how wonderfully relaxing they found the […]

Moving Forward in Reflexology

Those familiar with the general tone of writing on these pages will be aware I often attempt to present the reader with referenced reflexology articles, rather than simply offering my personal opinion. However, this particular blog contains many of my own reflections and personal opinions. A reflexology colleague referred to it as a ‘marmite piece’; […]

Verbal Communication and Client Emotional Disclosure in Reflexology – Practitioner Survey Findings

The survey was an informal existential enquiry designed to explore the attitudes of professional practitioners regarding verbal communication and client emotional disclosure within their reflexology practice. The survey findings suggest verbal communications (instructional, supportive or explanatory) to be fairly common in reflexology. The findings also suggest the presence of client emotional content to be fairly […]

Power and Responsibility in the Reflexology Relationship

Power is an element occurring in many everyday human relationships. Consider for a moment the relationship between a parent and child – a teacher and pupil – a manager and worker – a doctor and patient? In many commonly experienced human relationships power is certainly present.  In some cases power can provide a useful element […]

Reflexology – A Therapeutic Art Form, Not a Procedure

What exactly is Reflexology?  At first glance this might seem a relatively simple question to answer.  Look a little deeper however, and the question is actually much more complex.  Undoubtedly this is an important question, and one worth some considerable reflection by both individual reflexology practitioners, and indeed our wider therapeutic community. Reflexology has been […]

The Therapeutic Relationship in Reflexology

The term therapeutic relationship might also be termed a helping or working alliance.  The term can often be used to describe the working relationship between any health-care professional and a client or patient.  A great deal of research has been undertaken in the field of counselling and psychotherapy related to exploring the nature of therapeutic […]

Reflexology Flavours

My personal stance of practice in reflexology is heavily influenced by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, principally because I completed my first auricular acupuncture course mid-way through my reflexology training.  At the time I can recall feeling relieved to be introduced to a health philosophy where the emotions remained integrally placed.  I can also […]