The Separation of Mind and Body in Health – A Historical Perspective

The concept of ancient health and medicine can sometimes appear mysterious and difficult to comprehend to modern day man, particularly when attempts are made to measure the Ancient’s knowledge by the intellectual, scientific models and standards of today.  The formation and growth of modern medicine can be traced back across thousands of years – its […]


TCM Philosophy and Reflexology

Eastern attitudes relating to health and the nature of the universe have remained relatively unaltered across many thousands of years.  The absence of influence stemming from classical Greek thinking within Eastern culture means concepts have remained more faithful to their ancient, mystical origins. Initially dismissed on mass by Western thinkers as simply philosophical and ethnological […]

Reflexology and the Whole Person – Chronic Headache/Migraine

Chronic headache and migraine are distressing and often debilitating conditions.  To achieve a medical diagnosis of chronic headache or migraine clients need to report pain across 15 days a month.  Most clients are prescribed a cocktail of topical analgesia and prophylactic (preventative) medication. Chronic migraine can present as a stand alone condition, or can display […]

Reflexology – What Goes Into the Cooking Pot?

Today I met a new client. Karen is a 56 year old married, mother of three grown up children, and in full time employment.  Karen has suffered from short periods of vertigo throughout her adult life, and is presently deep in the midst of a worsening, four month long, acute phase and struggling to cope.  The GP has so far been unable to help […]