Professional Supervision

What is Supervision?

Supervision is concerned with offering practitioners a space for professional reflection and learning. In many fields, such as counselling, nursing and social work, supervision is an integral element of professional practice. Within these contexts, supervision is often used to explore therapeutic relationship dynamics, reflect on practice, identify further development needs, and discuss case studies in more depth. Certainly, one of the most useful aspects of supervision is the feeling of support gained from the interaction. Supervision is therefore about professional growth.

Supervision in Reflexology

A form of supervision already exists in the reflexology world, certainly here in the UK. Practitioner group meetings, often organised through therapy associations can provide practitioners with a space in which to professionally develop, and gain support from one another.

One to One Supervision

The benefit of one-to-one supervision is the singular focus upon your work and your professional growth. Supervision offers the practitioner a safe and non-judgmental space in which to explore topics such as challenging relationship dynamics, conserving personal energy, defining professional boundaries, and developing confidence.

How Does it Work?

  • Sessions are conducted via telephone or Skype, and last for 50 minutes. The fee is £35.00 (GB)

Can I Book Just One Session?

  • Yes.

What Can I Discuss?

  • Anything related to your therapeutic work, or confidence as a therapist. The space belongs to you! Perhaps you wish to discuss a certain client in more depth, or might gain from understanding how to deal with a particularly depressed, or anxious client? Sometimes sessions might focus on your own personal development need? Perhaps you require a little support in firming up your professional boundaries, or wish to understand more about why don’t really want to reply to the client text at 9pm on a Saturday night, but somehow feel compelled to? There are so many complex dynamics involved in supportive reflexology, and coupled with the uniqueness of each client and practitioner, the list of potential topics worth discussing in supervision, is endless.

How Do I Book a Slot?

  • You can either the use the contact form available or telephone Nichola on 07956 410854 to book a date and time. The session fee can be paid by either PayPal or direct bank transfer.

Session Feedback

“The sessions with you have helped so much with my confidence. I feel more grounded in my job title – like I really own it now! These sessions have turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. I’ve benefited, and so have my clients.”